Could the Process Land Kawhi Leonard?

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The hype is real everyone. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have put everyone on notice that the Philadelphia 76ers are not only back, but also ready to make some noise in the playoffs.

The Sixers (30-25) have an appointment with the postseason with a favorable schedule the rest of the way. If their progress continues, they have the capability of jumping to the fourth seed in the conference (currently slated seventh).

The Eastern Conference is up for grabs as Philadelphia prepares for the playoffs for the first since the 2011-12 campaign. This could simply be just the beginning as Philadelphia will be a destination that attracts free agents. Marco Belinelli is first player to find his way to the city of brotherly love. 

Who wouldn’t want to play with stars such as Embiid and Simmons? They are the faces of the future for the NBA. So what is next for “The Process?” Well, it appears recruiting is on Embiid’s agenda. During All-Star weekend, the first time All-Star did his best to have fun and let others around him know Philadelphia is the place to be:

That begs the question, could Kawhi Leonard be the next big name to end up in a Sixers’ uniform? It is not completely unrealistic to think that Leonard comes to Philadelphia for a couple reasons.

  • Sixers have plenty of cap space
  • Trade Assets – Not as valuable as other teams 
  • Relationships – Could work to their favor 
  • Winning! – Bright future 

Would you trade for Leonard?

It’s a steep price. There will be other suitors as well. To be fair, anyone outside of Ben & Embiid is available. That might not be enough.

Career Stats Per Game: 16.3 points, 6.2 boards, 2.3 dishes, 1.8 steals, 38.6 3P %

Trade Idea: Saric, Covington, Two First Round Picks, Plus Dumped Contracts by Spurs 

  • Dario Saric is the first guy thrown into the deal for the Spurs. He is a professional that Pop loves. He is still fairly cheap, young, and extremely talented. Would be sad to see him go.
  • Second most likely is Robert Covington, who developed nicely for head coach Brett Brown. He will be on a new deal, but manageable. Plays defense and is streaky from downtown.
  • First Round picks – Multiple 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Markelle Fultz is probably not in this discussion after being MIA due to his shoulder and other problems.

It makes sense to pair him Leonard with Simmons and Embiid. They have an All-Star at every important position: Point Guard, Small Forward, and Center.

Free agents will flock at the opportunity to play with this trio. Shooters will line up for open looks on a consistent basis.

Think about the defense! Leonard is one of the top defenders in the league. Throw him in with Simmons and Embiid controlling the paint. The playoffs are a different monster and Leonard can lead them there after being a champion. Also, he is not as outspoken as Embiid. He is generally on the quiet side, which is perfect for these two superstars.

PAY DAY! Leonard will be set for a SUPER MAX if he is dealt for over the summer. This is well worth it … he is the piece you have been waiting for. You are set for the future even if it cost you a huge haul to get him. Embiid, Simmons, and Leonard are why you did the process in the first place. 

There is no guaranteeing that Leonard resigns with the Spurs (2019). So why trade? Get the rights to the the 26-year old, who is in the prime of his career. That big pay day for a super-max is only possible if you have the rights to him. He could seek other options once on the open market. Don’t let that happen. There is no telling when Gregg Popovich will retire. The reports in the news are not how the Spurs handle their business. If this continues to spiral out of control, maybe Philadelphia inquires about his availability.

Brown learned under Popovich during his time in San Antonio. Brown I am sure is still well connected with those inside that organization. Brown’s biggest task in Philadelphia has been developing players to succeed. With talent on this roster, Brown can see wins starting to pan out. Don’t forget, Brown is one of the reasons why Leonard developed into an All-Star early on in his career.

This league is built on big names playing together in order to succeed. Just look at the past decade:

  • Celtics (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen),
  • Heat (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh)
  • Cavs (LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love)
  • Warriors (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Draymond Green, and Kevin Durant).
  • Could the next one be (Ben Simons, Joel Embiid, and Kawhi Leonard)

My personal opinion: It’s refreshing that the Sixers are actually good again. They have the talent to get other stars in the league to considering joining. Embiid is the face of this team alongside Ben. They are missing that one player, who could be Leonard. Do whatever it takes to make this deal happen. If they rather hold onto the 26-year old All-Star, so be it. Wait until 2019 rolls around. The team will be another year developed with the hope of Fultz returning to action. 


Draft Profile: Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

University of Oklahoma

6’1” 210 pounds

Quick Recap


  • 71%, 4,340 yards, 41 touchdowns, 5 interceptions


  • 97 carries, 311 yards, 5 touchdowns, 3 fumbles

Game Highlights

  • Rose Bowl vs Georgia
    • 23/35; 287 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception
  • Vs Ohio State
    • 27/55, 386 yards, 3 touchdowns
  • Must watch game: OKS Shootout vs Mason Rudolph
    • 24/36, 598 yards, 5 touchdowns, 2 interception


Image result for baker mayfield

Baker Mayfield, at last, we meet. So you’re the new Johnny Manziel, huh? People are saying you’re the new arrogant but talented prospect that could ultimately make a huge impact on a team or flame out at a party. It doesn’t get any more love-hate than this guy. People either love him and think he may be one of the top QB in the draft or a huge bust and…well, after reviewing hours of film, that’s just a lazy comparison by those so-called “professional journalists.”

Mayfield probably has one of the biggest personalities coming out of college this year and will be put under the microscope by GMs and fans…and for good reason. This guy has the most interesting story I have ever stumbled upon in quite a while. Even the Sooners’ Coach Bob Stoops said that Mayfield’s journey to Oklahoma ”maybe the strangest thing that’s happened” in his entire coaching career.

I am typically really cautious when I hear of a college prospect, a QB no less, having a reputation of having issues on and off the field for reasons other than his raw ability to play the sport. After putting him under a microscope myself, I found myself surprised.

Image result for baker mayfield high school

Baker Mayfield won a state championship for high school but was lightly recruited. Now you’re probably thinking “but /u/DerriusGuice a lot of high school QBs win state championships every year and may not get recruited heavily!” You’re right, but the state he won the championship was in Texas. Their Friday Night games rival college game day at a lot of colleges like Tulsa. Seriously, who goes to a Golden Hurricane game? I probably just pissed off the three Tulsa fans that may have actually stumbled onto this article. Sorry guys.

Image result for baker mayfield texas tech

Mayfield got a few offers from small schools such as a scholarship to Florida Atlantic, but ultimately turned them all down to take a chance on himself to walk on to Texas Tech’s roster. He won the starting job during preseason camp as a true freshman and started 5 games before he was injured; he even played well enough to be named the Big 12’s offensive freshman of the year. He was disappointed because he was not immediately put back into the lineup when he was healthy and that’s when Davis Webb won the starting job to start the Holiday Bowl. Texas Tech then informed him that he wouldn’t have a scholarship available for the spring semester.

So what does this kid do? He transfers to an even bigger school and then wins that job. As another walk on. To a team that went to the Sugar Bowl. Talk about a competitor. Seriously, just think about that for a second. A guy wins the state championship and gets lightly recruited due to his size and gets a few offers, rejects them all and walks on and wins the starting job at Texas Tech, gets disrespected and transfers to Oklahoma and walks on to win the starting job again and eventually becomes a Heisman winner.

I typically don’t go over someone’s past history but I thought it would give an insight of the path Mayfield had to take to get to where he currently stands. Enough of that, let’s continue with the breakdown.


Image result for baker mayfield strength

One thing that I immediately noticed was how Mayfield’s completion percentage, yards, yards per attempt, touchdowns, and rating have all increased since he started playing in 2013 at Texas Tech. This obviously shows that he is gradually getting better as a player, but it also shows that he is coachable and we have yet to see his true potential. I think this is one reason many people think he could possibly be one of the top prospects regardless of his weaknesses that I will touch upon later.

Like Sam Darnold who I covered before this, Baker Mayfield has an aggressive mindset. He is never afraid to pull the trigger down the field and is always looking for the home run play. He will check it down when needed but his eyes always start looking deep which could be refreshing for some fans who are getting tired of watching guys like Tyrod Taylor.

Image result for baker mayfield strength

The first thing that jumps off the film with Mayfield is his escapability and improvisation. His ability to keep a play alive that has no business of gaining positive yardage is mindboggling. There are countless highlight plays where he makes something out of nothing and this is why I believe that everyone compares him to Johnny Football.

(Once again, I made GIFs for all of you because I love you so much.)

The running back does a great job picking up the linebacker who is blitzing here, but the pocket immediately starts to collapse and  Mayfield uses his magic to not only keep the play alive but to throw a great pass for a five-yard gain under intense duress.

Mayfield is more athletic than some people may credit him for. Although he’s not the fastest, his mobility can definitely be a headache for defenses as he often wiggles out of trouble and can take off for a first down. He is not a sprinter but can’t be ignored as a runner.

Something else I immediately picked up on was Mayfield’s accuracy. Obviously, his completion percentage of 71% is impressive, but it could have been a bunch of dump-offs; that is not the case with Baker Mayfield. He loves to throw the ball down the field and stretch out a defense. His ball placement is incredible as a college QB is impressive.

This play perfectly encapsulates Baker Mayfield as a player. It is a designed roll out to the right to get Mayfield moving but he immediately changes gear to evade defenders and throws for an incompletion. At first, this may just seem like a broken play, but if you break down his game awareness to step up and slide back to the right and see the ball placement, it is honestly one of my favorite plays by him this year.

Just look at the ball placement here. I’m not here to debate if there was PI on this play or not because let’s be real, half of us don’t even know what a catch is, but Mayfield puts the ball only where his receiver can get it. He threw to his tight end Mark Andrews who is a great pass catcher but I believe if he tossed it up to a receiver, they could have tracked the ball better and made a play. Even though Andrews couldn’t come down with it, he was still able to draw a penalty with a play that could have ended in disaster if it wasn’t for Mayfield’s ability to be a playmaker.

One thing that separates Baker Mayfield from Johnny Manziel is how he is always looking to throw before taking off. He could have easily ran and gained a few free yards, or even scored a touchdown, but he decides to step up and deliver the ball at a different angle to his RB. Mayfield is undeniably a threat to run, but it looks like he only does when it is his last resort.

Mayfield does a good job of being able to utilize the pump fake into this repertoire. Although pump faking seems like a minimal skill, using it effectively moves the defense to be able to open up bigger windows. Also, a good pump fake requires large hands and there are a lot of scouts and GMs who get their jollies off knowing that their players have huge hands.

Here is just a quick example of Mayfield with a great pump. It freezes the slot corner to run for the receiver on the flat which opens up the zone in which he gets a receiver wide open.

Like I stated before, Mayfield has great accuracy and precision on his passes. He is able to throw to the open area of the field instead of directly at his receiver that you rarely see in young QBs.

This is play against Texas Tech where he pumps and then delivers another perfect pass for a touchdown. He utilizes a small pump fake again but the most impressive thing about this throw is the placement.

Here is another angle which breaks down why the ball placement was perfect on this throw. The safety on this play slides to the right to cover the underneath receiver, then Mayfield rips a perfect pass high and inside where only his receiver could make the grab.

Some people like to question Mayfield’s arm strength but I believe they aren’t completely warranted. Although he doesn’t have a rocket arm or the strength of Sam Darnold, he can make all the throws and put enough zip to get it into tight windows. Not everyone is born with the beautiful arm talent of Raiders’ legend, JaMarcus Russell.

Although the receiver is wide open here, that’s not what I’m looking at. I’m looking at how he is able to hit his receiver, perfectly in stride, deep down the field. He puts enough air and touch on the pass so the receiver can easily haul it in.

This is another play where he launches a ball down the field for a touchdown. Although he does not hit his receiver in stride, he is able to put enough on it to get it over the defender. There are probably a handful of QBs in the league right now that wouldn’t be able to make this throw.

This is another angle where you can see him stepping into the throw and delivering a huge throw for a touchdown. Could the throw have been a bit better? Absolutely. But that does not take away from the fact that he was able to hurl that ball for 55 yards over a defender. Don’t get nitpicky now, I’m sure half of you reading this would love it if your QB could make this.

Mayfield also gets the ball out of his hands very quickly and doesn’t take any extra time when getting rid of it; this serves him well when he is under pressure. I’m not saying that he can release it as fast as Jimmy GQ, but it’s not too far behind. He also proved himself as a big-time performer when he was able to defeat Ohio State and had a good showing at the Rose Bowl which ultimately led to a loss. Once again, not as clutch as New York Jets’ legend Tim Tebow, but he’s getting there.


Image result for baker mayfield height

There is always one knock that comes up constantly when discussing Baker Mayfield: His size. Although he is listed at 6’1” and 210 pounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if he measured up at the combine at 6’0” and 205 pounds. This will be a huge topic of discussion because some teams have a size threshold (around 6’2”) and simply won’t even consider smaller guys. I would honestly give up my first born to be 6’1″ but it’s that gray area where he’s just tall enough to make a bunch of girls on Tinder happy, but too short to make a GM blush.

Although it isn’t too fair to knock a guy for being shorter than the norm, it is a valid concern. There have been a few recent QBs that have been under the 6’2” benchmark and found success such as Drew Brees (6’) and Russell Wilson (5’11”) but they have been the exception, not the rule. Other notable QBs that have been short were Doug Flutie (5’10”) and Frank Tarkenton (6’0”).

With offensive linemen averaging around 6’5”, it’s easy to see why it’s harder for shorter QBs to find consistency in the NFL.

Now that we tackled that issue, there are some others I wanted to address. I stated that one of Mayfield’s strengths was that he was aggressive. Like I discussed with Darnold, aggression could be a double-edged sword. Mayfield could get reckless at times with decision-making and will throw into tight coverage, trusting his arm and teammate. He has gotten better at knowing when to move off the deeper routes and check it down, but there are still times when he takes some unnecessary shots.

This is a perfect example of an unnecessary shot. You see Mayfield double clutch as if he is second-guessing himself, but he takes the shot anyway. He throws the ball too late and is unable to get to his receiver and it almost gets picked off. In the NFL, Patrick Peterson would cream himself for this opportunity. It’s reassuring to know that he second-guessed before he took the chance, but it is also a negative because he tried anyway.

This concern is going to be a very tough one for a coach to address. They won’t want to tame his attacking mentality in fear that they will turn him too conservative but ensure he continues to improve his decision-making when to take shots down the field. He is definitely getting better at checking it down when he has to so it’s just something that coaches will have to help him with further down the line.

Although Mayfield does a great job moving defenders with pumps and looking off safeties, he has a slight tendency on staring down certain routes. This is not a regularly occurring problem for him, but something that will improve once he gets an NFL coach. We’ve seen him manipulate safeties when taking shots down the field, but he occasionally locks on his primary read which ultimately leads defenders to it. He needs to learn to go through his progressions quicker which I’m sure he will be able to do.

He tries to hit the post route by his slot receiver here on this play. He appears to stare it down the whole way and the linebackers undercut the pass for the critical, game-changing interception. Once again, this is not something he does often since he only threw five picks the whole year, but something that he could work on since linebackers in the NFL are much more athletic and smarter.

I have heard a lot of people complain about Mayfield’s footwork but I am currently on the fence about that. He has very short, choppy steps which is something you want your QB to do in order to be able to set your feet quickly if the pocket begins to change, but there are definitely times where he gets “happy feet.”

While I know Mayfield doesn’t throw the ball on this play, it’s a perfect look into his feet. I may have Rex Ryan’s attention if he’s reading this. He is on his toes and he fluidly begins to move around until he begins to overdo it. Luckily, he is able to have enough awareness in the pocket to slide to the right and pick up a few yards on a scramble.

I would honestly prefer a QB coming out of college to have overly active feet rather than being a statue (looking at you Tom Savage). It’s much easier to teach a QB to tone down his foot movement to become more efficient than teaching them to move them to begin with. Even though I tend to side with his choppy footwork, I do believe he will need to tone it down to become more efficient so he is not all over the place in the pros.

Image result for baker mayfield throw

He also has a bit of a wind-up with his throwing motion but it is nowhere near as bad as Sam Darnold’s. The reason why Mayfield’s throwing motion isn’t discussed too much right now is because of how fast he gets the ball out of his hands. I’m confident that he will be able to sure up his wind-up a bit to make his release even faster when he gets to the league.

I discussed that Mayfield could make a lot of throws but he tends to underthrow the deep route. He does not have the elite arm strength that some teams want, but he still has an above average arm.

The receiver here could have had half a step on his defender but Mayfield waits too long to throw this. He ultimately underthrows this ball and luckily ends as an incomplete. Once again, if this was in the NFL, Patrick Peterson would be heading to the locker room for a second pair of pants. If he threw the ball with a bit more anticipation, he could have put his receiver in better position to make a play. He will have to work on his timing to be able to get the ball on target to his receivers going deep.

Another big concern for Mayfield is the system he played in college; he almost exclusively played in the shotgun and pistol formation. Some of the reasoning behind this could be because of his height, but it was also because Oklahoma liked to run the spread and scheme up ways to get receivers wide open. It will be a substantial adjustment for him when he is asked to take snaps from under center but this isn’t something that has not been before. Here are some QBs that played in the spread and primarily took plays from shotgun: Alex Smith, Big Ben, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, Ryan Tannehill, and maybe even some more. I thought I delivered my point so I stopped researching. So the point here is that it is very possible for a QB to transition to an NFL pro-style offense, but it is a valid concern to have.

Image result for baker mayfield arrested

So I guess I’ve avoided the elephant in the room up until this point. Baker Mayfield has some concerns on and off the field due to his personality and antics. He was arrested in February 2017 and was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and fleeing and resisting arrest. He plead guilty to the charges and reached a plea deal. While I’m not going to try and turn this political and say that he was in the wrong or whatnot but there are definitely some concerns for many teams about his antics. But seriously, if I can stay arrest-free as a guy who depends on alcohol to get through his low-paying job, so can you Baker.

I will, however, dive a bit deeper into another situation that occurred during the Kansas game. Baker Mayfield was seen yelling at the opponent’s sideline and grabbing his crotch. Although Marshawn Lynch would be proud, the rest of the world was not.

A lot of this was actually started by the Kansas team when they refused to shake his hand at the coin toss. While I know this is a childish reason to grab your wee-wee during a televised game, there may be a little bit more to the story. It was clear from the start that Kansas did not respect Mayfield, but things got a bit more evident during the game.

There was a blatant cheap shot took towards Mayfield at the end of the second half which obviously drew a penalty. I can guarantee that there was trash talking before and after that hit so it’s easy to see why Mayfield was becoming so animated towards the end of the game. I, by no means, am condoning his actions, but I wanted to explain a bit more of what happened before everyone begins to point their finger. If I was him, I should just be yelling “scoreboard” but to each their own.

As a leader of a team, you never want to lose composure but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the heat of the moment. At the end of the day, he is still a college kid, but that is no excuse for the way he behaved. I know this portion of the breakdown will cause a lot of controversy (which is why I saved it until this late) but it is something that definitely had to be brought up when discussing Baker Mayfield. Once again, I am not condoning ANY of his actions because it is unnecessary and bad for the game, but wanted to shine a light on everything that occurred.

One last thing I wanted to share is that Mayfield is beloved by his teammates. It may be because of the constant chip on his shoulder because he had to walk on and win a starting job twice, or his toughness when he gets back up, big hit after big hit; teammates rally to that kind of stuff. It means a lot to know that although his public perception may not be as clean as other prospects, his teammates always go to bat for him.

Player Comparison

Image result for johnny manziel

Wow could you imagine if I was dense enough to make this comparison even after I stated how he was not like Johnny Manziel? Honestly, the comparison stops after the escapability and making plays out of the pocket. Admittedly, Johnny was much better at making something out of nothing, but Mayfield is head and shoulders better throwing the ball. Now, for the real comparison.

 Image result for drew brees purdue

This may confuse a lot of people but it honestly took me by surprise as well. I know many of you saw his name pop up a lot when I listed QBs under the benchmark height and playing in the spread, but there is more than meets the eye. A lot of people see current-day Drew Brees; a surefire Hall of Famer and someone who throws for 4,000 yards as often as me reaching for “my last” cheese ball, but he mirrors Mayfield coming out Purdue.

Let me break down Brees’ player profile coming out into the draft:


  • Touch passer with ability to read defense and move them if needed
  • Confident leader who knows how to take command in the huddle
  • Very tough and mobile moving around in the pocket
  • Has quick setup and very effective throwing on the move
  • Throws across his body with great consistency
  • Hits receivers in stride and improvises his throws in order to make a completion
  • Puts good zip behind the short and mid-range passes
  • Superb pocket presence and uses all of his offensive weapons in order to move the chains
  • Elusive scrambler with ability to avoid the rush


  • Plays in spread offense, taking a bulk of his snaps from shotgun
  • Lacks accuracy and touch on his long throws. Tends to side-arm his passes going deep
  • Seems more comfortable in the short/intermediate passing attack
  • Does not possess the ideal height you look for
  • Will improvise and run when the passing lanes are clogged but tends to run through defenders rather than trying to avoid them to prevent unnecessary punishment

His breakdown is almost indistinguishable to Baker Mayfield’s. A lot of people forget that Drew Brees was pretty elusive in college. Most people just view Brees as the near 40 year old he is today that rarely ever gets mobile, but coming out of college, Drew Brees matched Baker Mayfield to a T. The main difference is that Brees was not a moron in college.

I can see it now. “/u/DerriusGuice has no idea what he is talking about! He just said that Mayfield is going to be just as good as Drew Brees!” No. Stop it. I’m saying that he eerily matches how Drew Brees was viewed coming out of Purdue and it’s just a coincidence that he is also viewed as a short QB. Another comparison I hear a lot of Russell Wilson but I view that as a lazy comparison as well because they are just trying to compare another short QB who can make plays with his feet to another. When it comes to playstyle, they are very different.


You love him or you hate him. I’m sure you still hold the same opinion of Mayfield before you read through my breakdown, and that’s fine. I completely understand why people are so split on this kid. One thing I wanted to abolish is that he is not Johnny Manziel 2.0. Yes, he has had his run-in with trouble and is immature, but he is far more talented and believe his skill set will better translate into the NFL. Although his height is a concern for myself as well, I believe he has all the skills in his arsenal to be able to be successful.


  • An above-average athlete for the QB position and can pick up yards with his feet when he as to
  • Very accurate and has great ball placement. Great touch on the ball as well
  • Excellent improvisation and able to make something out of nothing
  • Aggressive mindset
  • Gets the ball quickly and decisively
  • Very tough; won’t let the team down and will fight to the end
  • Chip-on-the-shoulder mentality; he will always play like he has something to prove due to his journey to the NFL


  • Less than ideal size
  • Doesn’t have elite arm strength
  • Aggressive play-style leads to bad decisions and unnecessary shots
  • His footwork can be all over the place; his natural throwing motion was able to compensate for this flaw but may be magnified in the pros if not fixed
  • Played primarily in the shotgun

Player Comparison

  • Drew Brees

Draft Grade

  • Early to Mid 1st Round

Likely Landing Spot

  • Jets, Cardinals, Broncos, Redskins, Bills


By: Thomas Yu AKA: /u/DerriusGuice


I am not a professional or write full-time. I do this as a hobby and do not make any money off of views or anything. I do this for pure enjoyment and in hopes of giving an insight to those who may not follow college football closely. Please do not take my word as facts as they are my own opinion that I have gathered through my own research and study. Feel free to disagree with anything as I would love to hear your feedback.

Does Foles to Buffalo Work?

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Philadelphia and Buffalo are not strangers when it comes to making trades. It is not too far fetched to believe that the Eagles would trade Nick Foles to the Buffalo Bills if the price were right.

Yes, Foles just won the Super Bowl for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Super Bowl MVP’s value will never be any higher than it is right now. The 29-year old quarterback was sensational in the playoffs for the Eagles. In those three games including the Super Bowl, Foles went 77-106 (72.6%), for 971 yards, 6 touchdowns and one interception that was not his fault.

Foles was the backup for Carson Wentz and I’m sure Howie Roseman will be listening to offers. It helps that he is very cheap. This brings us to Buffalo who already has LeSean McCoy and at the moment Jordan Matthews. Tyrod Taylor is out of the picture for this scenario. Who becomes the new franchise quarterback for the Bills?

It certainly would be interesting to see if Buffalo made a play for Foles, who knows McCoy all too well. Confidence is everything for Foles, who shined once a few passes went his way. Imagine the RPO approach that new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll could utilize with the combination of Foles, McCoy, and Matthews (if he resigns). Sean McDermott’s defense could benefit from an RPO approach that keeps the opposing offense on the sideline. The idea of McCoy running remains the same, but in a different approach. This also opens up the field for guys like Zay Jones, who could be an impact player.

Buffalo’s Offensive Rankings Last Season:

  • 18.9 points (22nd)
  • 302.6 yards (29th)
  • 176.6 passing yards (31st)
  • 126.1 rushing yards (6th)

What would be the appropriate offer for Foles? I don’t believe the rumors that say that Philadelphia would be seeking a pair of first AND second round draft choices. That is way too much of a haul for a 29-year old quarterback, even if he won the Super Bowl.

Possible Scenarios:

  1. Foles & No. 32 selection to Buffalo for Kansas City’s pick (22) and Philadelphia’s third round pick.
  2. Foles to Buffalo for LA’s second rounder and Philadelphia’s third round pick.
  3. Foles & New England’s fourth to Buffalo for Buffalo’s second round and LA’s second round pick.


Benefits to No. 1: Buffalo essentially moves back 11 spots in the first round and obtains a quarterback that can replace Taylor. McCoy already knows how Foles’ operates. The Eagles have more flexibility in the first round and receive its third rounder back.

Benefits to No. 2: Buffalo keeps both of its first round selections to help Foles and the offense. The LA and Philadelphia selections were acquired in previous trades. Philadelphia gets a second and third rounder for Foles, which is huge since they don’t have any at the moment.

Benefits to No. 3: Buffalo desires another selection to go along with Foles in the draft. The fourth rounder is thrown in, but Philadelphia wants better compensation. That leads to the additional second round pick instead of the third. More picks for Philly.

Buffalo’s Draft Picks:

  • Round 1: Buffalo (21), Kansas City (22)
  • Round 2: Buffalo, Rams
  • Round 3: Philadelphia
  • Round 4: Buffalo
  • Round 5: Buffalo, Jacksonville
  • Round 6/7: None

Philadelphia’s Draft Picks:

  • Round 1: Philadelphia
  • Round 2: None
  • Round 3: None
  • Round 4: Philadelphia, New England
  • Round 5: Philadelphia, Seattle
  • Round 6: Philadelphia
  • Round 7: None

Drafting a QB

Buffalo has the ammunition to trade into the Top 10 in order to try and snag a franchise quarterback. There are two problems when it comes to Buffalo drafting a quarterback. Number one is that they may have to get to the sixth selection to take whoever is left. It is likely that Sam Darnold is the top selection to Cleveland, followed by the Giants taking UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

This remains the same, until I hear something else. This leaves the Colts at No. 3, who would take a deal if the price were right. It might take a bundle to jump that high, which I doubt will happen. Keep the picks. The Browns at No. 4 will listen, but Saquon Barkley helps Darnold. That puts Denver at No. 5.

Free agency clearly changes this whole discussion, considering who wins the Kirk Cousins’ sweepstakes. This is huge in that it alters the draft plans for both the Broncos and/or the Jets. Baker Mayfield could easily go to Denver at five, leaving Josh Allen as the last top tier quarterback on the board. Teams could be eyeing up 7-10 in order to land Allen. The compensation for the selection will be steep, but more manageable. Arizona sits at No. 15 with hopes of a new franchise quarterback after the retirement of Carson Palmer.

There are other options as well, but Buffalo made it quite obvious that Taylor will not be welcomed back. It is the wrong play if they want to win now in 2018-19. The whole Nathan Peterman experiment did not pan out. That is putting it nicely. Staying at No. 21 and taking a guys such as Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson are a risk. Acquiring a veteran might be the best course of action if they eventually move on from Taylor. Adding Foles could be an intriguing move if they believe the playoffs are a realistic goal once again.

Phillies Baseball is on the Horizon

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The Philadelphia Phillies are young, but certainly ready to make some noise in the National League East. Don’t let the label of “potential” fool you as this roster prepares for the 2018 campaign with a new attitude.

  • 2017 Record: 66-96
  • 2018 Prediction: 81-81 (Second in NL East)

That mindset can be contributed to the new Phillies skipper, Gabe Kapler. His winning mentality can help as the Phillies aim to reach .500 or better for the first time since 2012.

The new manager has goals of playing meaningful baseball into September and October. That is something that this fan base has been deprived of since 2011. Meaningful baseball was expected from 2003-11 as the Phillies posted a winning record in each season over that span. It is time to get back on track.

Philadelphia brought in prized free agent Carlos Santana to play first base, moving Rhys Hoskins to left field. Santana contributed a .259 average for the Indians with 23 homers and 79 RBIs. Expect those numbers to increase due to playing in Citizens Bank Park.

Meanwhile, Hoskins took Philadelphia by storm with his performances after being called to the big leagues. He will bat cleanup this season after generating 18 dingers and 48 RBIs in 170 at-bats. The man was on a mission. 

The player that could take this offense to another level is Maikel Franco. His .230 average and .281 OBP simply aren’t good enough to be in the starting lineup. If he learns from Santana (great veteran presence) about the strike zone, Franco can be the guy people liked when he was called up.

There isn’t a doubt that the Phillies’ offense will light the scoreboard up this summer.

Projected lineup:
Cesar Hernandez, 2B: Speedster on the bases and sets the tone.
Carlos Santana, 1B: Prized free agent that knows how to get on base.
Odubel Herrera, CF: Interested to see if Kapler helps him be more consistent.
Rhys Hoskins, LF: Face of the franchise at the moment.
Nick Williams, RF: Young lefty that will continue to excel.
Maikel Franco, 3B: Big year for Franco. Needs to prove he can produce.
Jorge Alfaro, C: The catcher of the future and most likely starts for the Phillies.
J.P. Crawford, SS: Earned the starting role with Galvis being dealt.

The rotation is the real concern heading into 2018:

Aaron Nola is the ace, looking dominant at times last season. The 24-year old produced a 3.54 ERA in 168 innings and continues to get stronger out on the hill. There are talks of him potentially being a CY Young candidate in 2018, which is not far off with Stanton no longer in the division. However, the Phillies’ rotation is up in the air. 

Vince Velasquez has the stuff to be an ace, but his lack of control is what hurts him. The injuries don’t help his situation at all either. Other names that have pitched but are question marks are Zach Eflin, Jerad Eickhoff, Mark Leiter, Ben Lively, and Nick Pivetta. The talent is clearly there, but they need to just put it altogether. My belief is that Velasquez and Eickhoff improve this year and stay healthy. This allows a solid 1-3, while hoping that at least two others prove they can ptiching in the bigs. What is one aspect missing? A lefty. Something has to happen here.

Pitching Rotation:

  • Aaron Nola
  • Vince Velasquez
  • Jerad Eickhoff
  • Nick Pivetta
  • Ben Lively/Zach Eflin/Jake Thompson

With a ton of salary to spend, the Phillies have been linked to a few pitchers. Eric Hosmer is now off the market after his massive deal to San Diego. The name everyone wants to hear is Jake Arrieta. The biggest name left will have options, but will he want a contender or a long-term deal. The fact that Arrieta is a winner helps his situation, but this squad really needs a lefty.

The bullpen did receive an upgrade this off-season with the return of Pat Neshek. The All-Star helps Hector Neris, who I believe has the potential to be a stud. Adam Morgan was a nice surprise last season and lets hope he continues to progress in the bullpen. Another lefty that turned some heads was Hoby Milner. Both will be called upon if there are not any moves to the rotation.

Names to Watch:

  • 2B, Scott Kingery: Could easily be with the club on opening day if Cesar Hernandez struggles and Kingery lights it up. One of the top prospects for the Phillies. In 63 AAA games, he contributed a .294 average. Could be moved around in the infield. Don’t expect them to rush him to the bigs. 
  • RHP, Sixto Sanchez: The prospect that was deemed “untouchable” by the organization. Could be on the fast track to the majors after being in High-A Clearwater. Some people compare him to Pedro Martinez … now that is high praise. Reports say he has good command of three pitches.

NL East: Nationals, Phillies, Mets, Braves, & Marlins

The Washington Nationals remain the team to beat in the NL East. After falling three wins shy of 100 a season ago (97-65), the Nationals have another opportunity to accomplish that feat. Bryce Harper is arguably the best player in the game as he enters the prime of his career. They have the bats with the likes of Harper and Murphy. Their arms are elite with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. Barring injury, the Nationals will be headed to the postseason once again.

The New York Mets could go in several different directions this season. It will ultimately come down to health if this team can be a wildcard contender. To be honest, there are too many question marks surrounding the starting rotation. The potential is there with Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Jason Vargas. Just have to wait and see if they pan out. Additions to the everyday lineup include veterans such as Jay Bruce, Adrian Gonzalez, and Todd Frazier. If the season takes an unexpected turn, they could be sellers at the trade deadline. They could hover around 75 wins this season or if all goes right 90. My opinion is high 70s. 

The Atlanta Braves are in a rebuild, but not nearly to the extent of the Marlins. They are in the same boat as the Phillies in that they have youth taking over the big leagues. Granted, the Braves have nice pieces already set with Freddie Freeman who is a potential MVP candidate. The top of the rotation has three names with Julio Teheran, Mike Foltynewicz, and Brandon McCarthy. There will be struggles, yet this team will see improvement. It might not show in the win column, but one step at a time. Braves finish with a similar record to 2017 at 72-90.

The Miami Marlins traded away any hope of winning in the near future by dealing Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and Dee Gordon. Believe it or not, this team came in second place in the NL East behind the Washington Nationals at 77-85. With Derek Jeter attempting to restock the farm, expect the Marlins to be the worst team in baseball. Most of the salary on the roster has been wiped clean, allowing for a fresh start and a full rebuild to transpire. This aids the teams in the division as they stockpile wins with ease. As of right now, I would be surprised if the Marlins got to 60 wins.

Tough Decisions For the Birds

Things to Figure Out: Free Agency & Nick Foles

  • Foles is not going ANYWHERE
    • There is no any guarantee that Carson Wentz is ready to open the 2018 campaign. You want your franchise player to be 100% when he returns to action next season.
    • Foles just won you the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.
    • Unless you are offered a favorable deal, Foles stays one more season.
  • What would that price be?
    • Favorable means either a future first rounder or multiple selections. The Eagles do not have a second or third round pick this draft.
    • Foles’ value will never be higher.
    • A pair of teams will multiple selections in the first round: Cleveland (#1, #4) & Buffalo (#21, #22).
    • OPINION: Foles stays in Philadelphia, unless someone gets desperate.
  • Who is in your backfield?
    • RETURN: Corey Clement is going to be in Philadelphia for a long time after his performance this season. Jay Ajayi is on the last year of his deal, but will they sign him long-term is another question? I think you worry about Ajayi later and deal with the salary cap number with other players right now.
    • CUT: Wendell Smallwood, Donnel Pumphrey
    • QUESTIONABLE: LeGarrette Blount had success, but don’t be surprised if someone offers him a favorable contract. Darren Sproles is in what would be now his final season in the league. In a crowded backfield, who knows if Kenjon Barner stays on a cheaper deal.
    • OPINION: Enter this season with Ajayi, Clement, & Sproles (discount)
  • What do you do with Nigel Bradham?
    • Arguably the most important free agent that the Eagles have this off-season.
    • Led the team in tackles and was constantly on the field, unlike Jordan Hicks.
    • If there were a weakness on the defense, it is without a doubt the linebackers.
    • I don’t think the Eagles panic, but realize they are going to lose Bradham to a huge long-term contract.
    • This will hurt, leaving Howie Roseman no choice but to draft a replacement.
    • OPINION: Roseman does not have a choice and lets Bradham walk.
  • Who will be the 2TE to Zach Ertz?
    • Brent Celek loves Philadelphia. There is not doubt about that, but I would not be shocked if he retires after winning the Super Bowl.
    • Trey Burton on the other hand becomes an intriguing free agent. The second toughest decision behind Bradham as Burton has proven that he can be plugged into any role and excel.
    • With that being said, it comes down to whether or not Burton is willing to stay and take a discount. He will be a top free agent in my mind, which is why I think he cashes in elsewhere.
    • Rumor has it he will be around $7 million per season. Not worth it.
    • OPINION: Burton gets an offer he can’t refuse and walks. Celek stays one more year.
  • Patrick Robinson
    • Robinson came away with the INCREDIBLE pick-six to help down the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship.
    • Secondary is now a strength with an influx of youth and talent in Ronald Darby, Jalen Mills, Sidney Jones, and Rasul Douglas.
    • Would certainly be interested in having Robinson coming back.
    • OPINION: Robinson leaves, unless he is determined to stay in Philadelphia.
  • Returning
    • THE KICKER! Jake Elliott. No explanation is required.
  • Leaving
    • Unless Beau Allen decides he wants to stay in Philadelphia, I think he goes elsewhere. Allen can replaced in the upcoming draft.

Draft Profile: Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold


6’4″ 220 pounds

Quick Recap


  • 63.1%, 4,143 yards, 26 touchdowns, 13 interceptions


  • 75 carries, 82 yards; 5 touchdowns

Best Game:

  • vs Stanford

-21/26, 316 yards, 4 touchdowns, 2 interceptions

Worst Game:

  • Washington State

-15/29, 164 yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interceptions


Image result for sam darnold

So this is the coveted QB class I’ve been hearing so much about, huh? Anyone who remotely knows anything about football has heard about “The Darnold” since last year. USC ended as one of the hottest teams in CFB and won the Rose Bowl in comeback fashion against Penn State in 2016 and everyone pegged him as the undisputed number one pick for the draft when he would declare, but how does he look now?

He remains one of the top QBs in the nation but now, there are a few question marks regarding his game. I will break down what I believe his strengths and weaknesses are and of course, everyone’s favorite, his player comparison.


Image result for sam darnold

So what makes this kid so special? What separates him from other QBs like Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, etc. Well let me tell you, it’s his ability to make throws on the run. After watching a few hours of tape on him, I continued to see this kid make plays on the move, but not just that, making pinpoint accurate throws.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

(I even made GIFs for you; you’re welcome internet.)

Darnold has this uncanny ability to keep his eyes down the field and deliver passes when he’s unbalanced. I don’t even know if that’s a trait that you could have but he consistently threw accurate passes while off-balance. His mechanics still leave a lot to be desired (I will discuss this more in his weakness portion) but his skillset of throwing on the move is something that immediately jumped out to me as one of his biggest assets.

Alongside being able to throw so well on the move, he is able to keep plays alive. When things are beginning to crash around him, he keeps his head down the field and uses his athleticism to evade pressure.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

This is a perfect example of his awareness in the pocket. There are a lot of young quarterbacks who would just take off with their legs but Sam efficiently slides to evade the tackle while having his eyes down the field the whole time. After he sidesteps the defender, he delivers yet another perfect pass into a tight window. I could already hear it now. Collinsworth being rock hard and bumbling “Well here’s a guy who looks like a good ol’ veteran back there and keeping his eye down the field and delivering a great ball while under duress” God, I hate Cris Collinsworth.

Darnold is an above average athlete at the QB position. He isn’t necessarily the fastest, but he will use his legs if you give him the opportunity. He also stands at a good frame of 6’4″, 220 pounds, and with the combination of his athleticism and size, he could be hard to bring down. One thing to note is he has a bad tendancy of sliding head first. I’m sure things will change once a realizes he’s in the same league as Bam Bam Kam, Keanu Neal, Burfict, etc.

Animated GIF

Another thing that stood out to me when watching film on #14 was his arm. I don’t think I have seen him underthrow a receiver with the films I’ve watched. I’m not saying he has the best arm in this class but he definitely can make all the throws.

Animated GIF

Look at this throw. Rose Bowl against Penn State, less than 90 seconds left in the game, the biggest throw of his career up to this point. He trusts his eyes and arm to make the throw down the field down the seam. He must have flipped on the clutch factor because he was unreal down the stretch. He is incredibly confident in his arm and it shows in any game you watch.

I don’t mean to get all John Gruden on you but this kid is a competitor and a leader. All his teammates rally around him and no matter the deficit, they believe that they can win when Darnold is on the field.


Image result for sam darnold

Now there is a reason why Darnold went from undisputed number one QB to some questioning his ability, all in one year. Darnold, in a sense, is wildly inconsistent. He will go from making every single throw and being a huge playmaker to unable to complete a swing pass, Sound like I’m describing Cam Newton…sorry Carolina fans. However, I believe most of this is tied down to one essential aspect: his mechanics.

Now, what does this mean? I hear everyone saying “oh he has raw mechanics” or “his mechanics could use a little work” but no one ever goes in depth of what they mean. I by no means am an expert but I do, like all of you, have the internet and feel like I know more than the GMs on draft day when I watch 3 hours of film. My hubris is at an all-time high and I will at least try and explain why his mechanics are less than ideal.

The first thing that jumps out is his release. He has a really long, windmill-like release that is inefficient and could serve as problem in the NFL where pass-rushers give you mere seconds to get it out of your hands.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

I mean look at that windup. It’s like he’s throwing a baseball. Now I know this may sound nitpicky but it really isn’t. There is no reason to let the ball dip that low, especially on a short to intermediate throw.

Watch film of some of the elite passers in the NFL and one of the main things that they all have in common besides the fact that they like to molest defenses, is their ability to get the ball out of their hands quickly. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve watched where they commentators talk about how quick Brady’s release is. I get it Collinsworth. God, I hate you so much.

This is not necessarily a deal breaker. There have been some great quarterbacks that have had the same issue and continued their career with the same mechanics and found success. An immediate quarterback that comes to mind that had this type of throwing mechanic was Tim Tebow, but I promise that there were some good QBs, if not great ones, that threw a similar way.

Animated GIF

Russell Wilson is someone who I continually see that has a windup but that may be because he has a long past history of playing baseball. He is also shorter than the prototypical QB so this motion also helps him get a lot of power and air under his throws as well. Yes, his throwing mechanics could use a bit of work, but I think Wilson has found some success. Why fix something that is working so well for him?

Animated GIF

Vikings’ legend Brett Favre was another guy who was notoriously known to have a long windup and dip the ball low. I still believe to this day that there was no one who threw a ball harder than this guy. I hear stories of how his receiver’s fingers were always broken and fractured after practices and games because this guy just brought the heat. He’s the type of guy who will throw his hardest at you when you run a 5-yard slant. No chill. Brett Favre is one of the best QBs ever and he was able to find success with his throwing motion.

Now I’m not saying that Darnold is going to be like the past two QBs that I just spoke about, but I am saying that it has worked in the past. I believe he will have to work a lot on his throwing motion to become more efficient but a part of me is afraid that he will revert back to his old style. A lot of the mistakes he made in college was tied to this fundamental mechanic. He had 11 fumbles last year which was the second most in the nation. A lot of this was due to his long throwing mechanic.

To continue about his weaknesses like I discussed earlier, he is wildly inconsistent. Although he has great arm strength, he overthrows receivers like no one I have ever seen. As I was watching some film, I was getting frustrated at how he would absolutely miss the easiest throws right in front of him.

Animated GIF

This play right here perfectly encapsulates why some people are so confused about his ability. He does a great job standing in the pocket, has plenty of time, then just completely botches the throw. There are several examples throughout his college career where he does this and it really leaves me believing that even I could make these throws (not really). Once again, I believe a lot of this is tied to his throwing mechanic. If he is able to get it out of his hands without the unnecessary windup, I believe he would have negated the amount of air he got under this pass. It’s just so odd to me that a QB is consistently overthrowing his target rather than underthrowing them.

One last comment about his mechanic, I promise. His footwork could also use a lot of work. He often throws with his feet parallel to the line of scrimmage. I was shocked at how often he would do this because you lose a lot of power on your throws when you try to spin the ball. The thing that shocked me, even more, was how consistently accurate he still was when his feet were out of place. I think his uncanny ability to throw the ball so well while off balance definitely minimized this issue but when he gets to the NFL, his margin for error becomes razor thin.

One final weakness I will touch upon is going to sound a bit odd. I stated that one of his strengths is that he has a fantastic arm that he is confident in…but that could also be used against him. He is overly confident at times and becomes way too aggressive. I think the reasoning for this is because he often sticks to his first reads and struggles at identifying the zone linebackers.

Animated GIF

Sometimes, he trusts his arm too much and tries to make plays that aren’t there. He has the label of being turn-over prone and as much as I hate to say it, that’s fair. I mean, if you’re on my team and turn the ball over 24 times in a short college season, I don’t think I will hold back. He threw for 13 interceptions and most of them came from forcing the ball or tossing it into a zone that he did not see. While he will definitely become better at identifying defenses in the NFL, this is something to keep in mind.

Player Comparison

Image result for jameis winston

Now, this may rub people the wrong way and this by no means is a knock on Darnold or Jameis. I have told a lot of people that Sam Darnold reminds me a lot of Jameis coming out in the draft. Someone who can make great plays, wins games, but also has a tendency of being overly aggressive and turnover-prone. I believe Darnold could develop into a much better player than Jameis, but my player comparisons are designed to help show who he reminds me of coming out of the draft, not what their ceiling is. A lot of people get their panties in a bunch when I tell them this comparison but everything I just described as Darnold’s strengths and weaknesses remind me a lot of Jameis when he was coming out. The only difference is that I believe Darnold has better arm talent and better on the move.


Image result for sam darnold

So whenever I hear anyone talk about Sam Darnold, I always hear the same thing. This kid has “the highest potential” and “the highest ceiling.” I honestly understand why they say this but hate that they never add anything to back up their claim. If Darnold can put it all together and polish up his mechanics, I believe he can be an absolute terror. He shows so many flashes and showcases that he can make every single throw. There are, of course, some concerns over how many turnovers he had his last year in college (24; 13 int & 11 fumbles), but I believe a lot of that could be easily be resolved by continuing to fix his throwing and feet mechanics.


  • One of the best arms in the draft
  • Stupidly accurate on the run/off balanced
  • Above average athlete
  • Smart Runner
  • Good pocket awareness


  • Wildy inconsistent
  • Long wind-up throw & pretty iffy feet mechanic
  • Sticks to first read too often
  • Struggles to identify zone linebacker
  • Overly confident in arm
  • Horrible ball security in the pocket
  • Turn-over prone

Player Comparison

  • Famous Jameis

Draft Grade

  • 1st Round

Likely Landing Spot

  • Browns, Giants, Broncos

By: Thomas Yu AKA: /u/DerriusGuice

Early NFL Draft – Eagles

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Hello, again! It has been far too long. We were away enjoying the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl! Yes, you read that right. Nick Foles took the Eagles to Minneapolis and beat Tom Brady’s Patriots in Super Bowl 52. 


While fans soak in the Super Bowl victory, Howie Roseman has to go back to work. There are plenty of tasks ahead with free agency as well as the draft. Before we take an in-depth look at pending free agents, lets see who the Philadelphia Eagles take with the 32nd selection in the NFL Draft. 

Now keep in mind the Eagles are going to be without a second or third round pick. Therefore, I envision them trading back to allow a team to jump back into the first round to select a quarterback or someone who falls. If this were to happen, I see them taking Mark Andrews from Oklahoma early in the second round. The tight end could be the next Zach Ertz and it helps ease the potential loss of Trey Burton. There will be plenty of options for the Super Bowl champion Eagles at the back of the draft. 

Option 1: Linebacker

Malik Jefferson, Texas

  • Size: 6-foot-3, 240 pounds
  • Stats: 110 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, & 4 sacks 
  • Potential loss of Nigel Bradham to free agency and the questionable health of Jordan Hicks. Jefferson could be one option if they remain at No. 32. 

Option 2: Offensive Line

Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

  • Can never have too much depth on the offensive line, which is why there are three offensive lineman here. With that being said, all three of these names may not last until 32.
  • Jason Peters can teach either McGlinchey or Williams if he returns for one more season. McGlinchey is tough, physical, and everything you want from an offensive tackle. Vaitai did a good job filling in for Peters, but you can’t pass on either of these guys.

Connor Williams, OT, Texas

  • Injuries are why Williams may slip in the draft, but his talent makes him a first rounder. Adding a dominant offensive tackle is a no-brainer.

Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State

  • Price can play guard and center, which is benefical considering that Jason Kelce is not a spring chicken. Chance Warmack won’t be back. He can rotate on the line. Be a great selection, but I doubt he will be available.